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Whole-House Humidifier

If you want to be able to balance moisture levels of your home a whole-home or whole-house humidifier is an ideal solution for you. When moisture level within your home is too little the humidifier will work to add humidity to stabilize it.


Whole-house humidifiers cover the entire home, using your ducts to distribute treated air back to your living areas, working with your heating system to keep your home comfortable.


There are few different kinds of whole-house humidifiers:


Bypass Humidifiers


Bypass Humidifiers add moisture to the warm air from a furnace. These whole house humidifiers take warm air from the home’s heat ducts and run it through a water panel. The air absorbs moisture which is delivered back into the air stream then into your home. Bypass humidifiers can be installed on either the Supply or Return plenum of a forced air handling system. For those who don’t have a floor drain, there is a Drainless Bypass Humidifier available. These drainless styles recirculate their own water, minimizing water usage.


Fan-Powered Humidifiers


Fan-Powered Humidifiers work just like a bypass humidifier, but include a fan that blows air across the water panel for increased water evaporation. This kind of humidifiers can generally produce a gallon more of humidity each day compared to the bypass humidifier. The electricity required for the internal fan equals that of a 25-watt light bulb. Powered flow-through systems don’t require a bypass duct; therefore, they can be installed in smaller spaces.

Fan-powered whole house humidifiers are perfect for homes built on slabs or with HVAC systems in a closet.


Steam Humidifiers


Steam Humidifiers add humidity to the air by heating water using electricity until it boils to create humidity in the form of steam even if the furnace is turned off. The steam is picked up by the system blower then pushed throughout the home ducts. Steam humidifiers offer the fastest and most efficient method of increasing and maintaining the appropriate and comfortable level of humidity in your home. Additionally, steam whole house humidifiers deliver a pure and best natural form of humidity that’s distributed through your entire home. Steam humidifiers will run moisture as needed, regardless your current heating or air conditioning situation.

Here is Why You Should Install a Humidifier with Your Home Furnace


When you install a whole-house humidifier to work with your furnace, you’ll gain many advantages from improved comfort to better control over relative humidity levels inside of your home. These efficient humidifiers use little energy while and cover entire home using your heating system’s ducts.


What Are the Benefits of Installing a Whole-House Humidifier?

Health improvements from treating dry air throughout the home. Home furnace humidifiers have been shown to improve lung health, alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, and lessen instances of illness.


Improving home comfort during colder months. Proper humidification of the home can make the space feel warmer with lower temperatures. The minor amount of energy consumed by the home furnace humidifier leads to a great savings in energy consumed by the heating system to keep the home warmer when air is drier, saving your money.


Protection of the home. When humidity levels in the home are kept balanced by a furnace humidifier, the damaging effects of dry air are kept at bay. Wood flooring, cabinets, furniture, and other fixtures are protected from cracks and drying out. Static electricity in the home is also reduced when air is properly moisturized.

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