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San Diego Duct Services

HVAC Ducting Specialists


«Stable Temp HVAC» has been installing, inspecting, and repairing ductwork in San Diego County for more than 40 years. In a case, if you have to test or inspect your ductwork or to conduct duct repair or duct replacement you can call us any time. We have highly skilled Project Managers s well as service technicians who are specialty-trained and EPA-certified. They will ensure your ducting is installed or repaired correctly and to code for the long term use.


Handling All Your HVAC Duct Needs


To handle a wide variety of duct services in San Diego County as well as the new duct installation, including repairs, replacements and more we have at our disposal special training tools and the expertise. Such troubles like damage and deterioration can be resolved by our skilled staff taking into consideration proper ducting size to specific rooms. Often it happens that the sizing is wrong and it significantly restricts the airflow. Do not worry and be sure that this problem also can be resolved by us.


Contact us if you suspect an issue with your ductwork, including:


  • Damaged air ducts

  • Dirty/clogged ducts

  • Improper sizing

  • Restricted airflow

  • Duct deterioration

  • Mold growth

  • Rodent/insect infestation


Honesty and professionalism have become a huge part of our everyday work. Be sure that your duct testing, repair and the replacement will be carried out on the highest level. At «Stable Temp HVAC» you may find actual costs of all our works with no surprises. Most of all, we stand behind the quality of our work. Your home and you are safe when you contact us for duct services in San Diego.


Customer Safety Is Our First Goal


To provide safe and high-quality work for our clients we licensed and fingerprinted all our specialists in California. Extensive background checks, personality profiling, and drug testing are part of our main policy. So, feel safe when our staff knocks your door. Before our visit, you will be informed about the technician, including information about his or her experience, hobbies, family, and interests.

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