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San Diego heater installation & replacement service

Increase the comfort level and value of your home by replacing your old heater.


Feel like your heating system is running out of juice? Or your energy bill goes up every month while the comfort level of your home doesn’t seem to increase? That usually indicates that the time has come to invest in a new heating system! Schedule a service call with one of our certified HVAC technicians and learn more about your upgrade options. At Stable Temp, we provide an exceptional heating system and furnace installation services anywhere in San Diego County. We offer competitive rates as well as flexible financing options to meet your heating needs and budget.


We guarantee that the new system will make your home feel much more comfortable and significantly lower your energy bill. Why use an outdated heating system and waste half of the money to run it if you can use that money that you throw away towards a payment for a new system? Do the right thing and hurry to take advantage of modern technology in the heating industry and enjoy living your life with comfort! Call us today!


We are your one-stop heating installation and replacement service company! The company that will take care of everything from start to finish. Our skillful technicians will come to the job equipped to their teeth to do the job right the first time and make sure that you won’t have to worry about heating problems years to come! Call us today and see for yourself! Here you won’t be hustled or fooled into paying for something you don’t need. We will explain to you everything there is to know about the new heating system and make sure you understand what you spend your hard-earned money for.


Why choose Stable Temp?


  • We are not a big corporation that can hardly keep track of their customers;

  • We remember most of our customers by name as they use our services since we first started in 2006;

  • We cannot afford to do a bad job as we strive to maintain our zero-complaint claim record;

  • We owe our success to our hardworking and honest team of professionals;

  • There is always someone to help you;

  • We love to help people better their living conditions and are passionate about what we do;

  • 12 years of experience;

  • We’ve been around long enough to become excellent at what we do;

  • Most of our professionals are young, energetic and bright; 

  • Guaranteed quality on everything we do;

  • We provide extensive warranties on our services and equipment;

  • We want to become your HVAC service company for life and will go above and beyond to earn your business!


General information about heating systems replacement


The most commonly used heating systems are gas, electric and oil furnaces, air-source and geothermal heat pumps and boilers. Our professional technician will help you choose a heating system that meets your budget and expectations.


A new heating system will benefit you in many ways. It will help you save on energy usage, minimize the risk of costly repairs, improve the quality of your life and increase the value of your property.


Here is how you know that it’s time to replace your heating system:


  • your system operates louder than usual;

  • your heater leaks poisonous carbon monoxide;

  • your system has cracked heat exchanger;

  • you had to repair it more than once in a single season.

Give us a call today for a free no-obligation heating system replacement quote!

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