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During the construction of a home or commercial building, one of the many decisions you will have to make is what type of heating and cooling system you want installed. The HVAC system usually gets put in long before the building is completed, so planning must be started early to avoid installation problems and conflicts with other contractors and trades.


At Stable Temp HVAC, we offer comprehensive new construction HVAC services for both residential and commercial properties. Our HVAC experts can work with homeowners, business owners, and contractors to determine which HVAC components will be necessary for the project, and to coordinate each step of the installation process, as required. Our highly skilled technicians have the knowledge and equipment to install all common residential and commercial HVAC systems in the San Diego area.


Choosing HVAC Equipment in the San Diego County


At Stable Temp HVAC, we can help you to select the HVAC equipment that will be most appropriate for your project. We install all common types of heating and cooling equipment used in the San Diego area, including:

  • Gas furnaces

  • Heat pumps

  • Central air conditioners

  • Ductless mini-splits

  • Packaged systems

  • Rooftop AC units

  • And more!


We have extensive experience with new construction HVAC installations, and can help both during the planning and installation processes.


New Construction HVAC Installations in San Diego


Once your project is ready for the HVAC installation phase, our experts will be there on schedule, ready to perform professional installation. Our process includes:

  • Performing comprehensive heating and cooling load calculations

  • Selecting HVAC equipment with the proper capacity and features for the project

  • Fabricating the duct system and related components

  • Installing the HVAC equipment, refrigerant lines, thermostat, and accessories

  • Connecting gas lines and charging refrigerant systems

  • Starting the system and testing its performance


Our team will make sure that the system performs properly, and meets all warranty and contract requirements.


Call US Today for All of Your New Construction HVAC Services Needs in San Diego


Whether you need HVAC equipment for a new home or a new commercial property, you can trust our team at Stable Temp HVAC for professional, reliable new construction HVAC services!


Call us today at 858-766-5520 to speak to our New Construction HVAC System expert.

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